Walk in Stakeholders' shoes

Many designers may have tried to put themselves in their users' place, but have you ever tried putting yourself in your stakeholders' place?

Last week, I participated as a stakeholder in one of the product design intensives at the British Higher School of Art & Design.


As a stakeholder, my task was to prepare a real case for students to work on and to be available throughout the week to answer any questions they had regarding the task.

I collaborate closely with stakeholders to understand their priorities and needs, but I have never personally experienced the emotions they may feel during these interactions 😅.

👉 My Wishlist as a Stakeholder:

  1. I would like to make the design process even more transparent for myself and see more work-in-progress designs.
  2. I would like to see a more detailed analysis of competitors.
  3. I would like to see not only a final solution, but also several possible options and participate in their selection.
  4. I would like to test several solutions on our users and choose the best one.
  5. I would like to ensure that the selected solution is the best one available in the market.

🙏 Thanks

Special thanks to the course curator Yanis Matsegora, my teammate Elena Svergunenko and the team: